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Dibru-Saikhowa National Park: Home of the Ferals


Dibru-Saikhowa National Park, located in Dibrugarh and Tinsukia districts of Assam, was declared as a Biosphere Reserve in 1997. It is considered to be the biggest salix swamp forest in Northeast India and has a tropical monsoon climate, with the summers being hot and humid, and the winters being quite cold and dry. It is surrounded by the Dibru river in the south and the Lohit and Brahmaputra rivers in the north. The place is considered to be perfect for various endangered species of wild animals and has diverse forms of fish as well.

Some of the mammals found in the forest are Bengal tiger, Chinese pangolin, clouded leopard, small Indian civet, jungle cat, Malayan giant squirrel, sloth bear, dhole, Gangetic dolphin, Asiatic water buffalo, Assamese capped langur, barking deer, slow loris, pig tailed macaque, Hoolock gibbon, wild boar, Asian elephant, hog deer, Sambar deer and the central attraction are the feral horses.

The birds which are known to be found here are greater adjutant stork, Jerdon’s babbler, ferruginous pochard, marsh babbler, black-breasted parrotbill, puff-throated babbler, Jerdon’s bushchat, chestnut-crowned bush warbler, rufous-rumped grassbird, lesser adjutant, black-necked stork,  Sarus crane, Bengal florican, spot-billed pelican, white-necked stork, black stork, glossy ibis, white-bellied heron, fulvous whistling-duck, common shelduck, bar-headed goose, spot-billed duck, white-winged duck, swamp francolin, Baer’s pochard, Himalayan griffon, white-tailed eagle, white-backed vulture, Pallas’s fish-eagle, grey-headed fish eagle, slender-billed vulture,  greater spotted eagle, lesser kestrel, brown fish owl, spotted greenshank, great pied hornbill, spotted redshank, Indian cormorant, black-crowned night grey heron, purple heron, heron, northern pintail, osprey, greylag goose, white-winged wood duck crested serpent-eagle, and pale-capped pigeon.

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